At the Ashmolean after hours event
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Recent work completed for both media and corporate clients in March


Here are a few examples of the corporate public relations, journalism, editing,  writing, reporting and analysis I have completed for various clients in the past month.

PV Magazine

How cryptocurrencies mining is bringing new profitable prospects for renewables?

A look at the various renewables energy solutions out there, that can aid cryptocurrency miners in reducing their power bills, and cutting their carbon emissions.


Eni discovers Zohr-like gas column offshore Cyprus

An assessment of the recent gas discoveries in Cypriot waters, in terms of development of the Cypriot natural gas industry.

Pipeline Gas Journal

The great German gas switch-over

Germany is at the  beginning  a 7 billion euro gas infrastructure project  to switch 30 percent of its gas customers from  low calorie Group L to  high calorie Group H natural gas.

Energy Focus

Energy start-ups in the dragon’s den

Energy start-ups have always found it a problem to raise investment to fund their pioneering projects. Increasingly there is a range of agencies, business angels, and major investors available to aid energy start-ups.

Marine Maintenance magazine


Ship builders and vessel-owners have a common interest in protecting marine vessels against corrosion and biofouling.

Exploration and production

Energy Start-ups Face Challenges, But Path To Success Exists

Today it has never been easier or cheaper to launch an energy start-up since many need little in terms of money or supplies as their ideas have gone no further than their laptops.



EU Gas Trading in Transition: Gas Hubs & Pricing

In the first of two articles discussing the transition of EU gas trading, Nicholas Newman examines the contribution virtual gas hubs have made towards creating a fully integrated European energy market.

EU Gas Trading in Transition: The Impact of Blockchain

In this second of two articles covering the transition of EU gas trading, Nicholas Newman discusses how natural gas trading in Europe may be on the cusp of a blockchain revolution.

Break Bulk magazine

How the global energy mix is changing

It would seem that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel age, as energy companies and governments change their business models in preparation of the growing market shares of renewables and electric vehicle s worldwide despite attempts by the Trump administration to delay matters.

Engineering and Technology


The appeal of blockchain technology lies in its potential to save millions of dollars   for the world’s transport and logistics companies.

At the Ashmoleim after hours event

Corporate Journalism

Cavendish Group

Participated in various corporate editorial content strategy sessions for Marine Offshore Engineering Technology magazine and Power Engineering Technology magazine

CDE Processing

Involved in various corporate journalism exercises

Quatre Ltd

Attended and participated in regular planning meeting

Updated my business terms and conditions.

Initiated marketing campaign for my copyediting services

Participated in various networking events including attending the Oxford Business Book Club at Blackwell’s Bookshop, where we discussed The Four, by Scott Galloway. Also attended the Ashmolean after hours event.

Just finished reading One Mission: How Leaders Build A Team Of Teams by Chris Fussell, Charles Goodyear

Visited Osney Lock Hydro power plant in Oxford


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