Here are a few examples listing some of my recent industrial, business, energy journalism, copy editing, copy writing, and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of November.

Cavendish Group

Completing the researching, writing, editing and planning of two business trade magazines, which have been translated into Manadarin. These are the winter editions of:

1.     Power Generation Technology

2.     Marine Engineering and Offshore Technology

Energy World

Energy start-ups fit for the Dragon’s Den?

The opportunities for new and innovative approaches to the energy business have never been greater yet energy start-ups – just like most new businesses – often have trouble raising up-front capital. Many energy start-ups require little in terms of money or supplies at the beginning since their ideas have gone no further than their computers. The next stage, moving on from concept to prototype and on to the market is when start-ups need to raise serious money to buy-in expertise, equipment and premises. “Bridging the gap between the idea and the prototype, that’s the hard part,” states Nicholas Flanders, co-founder and CEO of Opus 12, which developed a technology for turning carbon dioxide into useful chemicals for industry.


Going big with floating production vessels

We are seeing around the world an increasing number of floating production vessels used to exploit offshore oil and gas fields in deeper waters, where it is too deep to use rigs. Today there are many variants being developed since the first oil FPSO came on line 1977.

How electric batteries are made

We read lots of stories about the potential uses of electric batteries for powering homes, buses, and cities, but little is said about how they are made. This feature takes a look at how batteries are made and what technologies and manufacturing processes are required to make them at home or in the huge factories like Tesla and Panasonic have built.

Bringing up a child in toxic air

London, Los Angeles and Mexico City reduced once crippling levels of air pollution. Can Delhi do it too – and protect families? India dominates list of world’s top polluted cities, new data from the WHO reveals, with cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh catching up fast. Indian cities have some of the highest concentrations of particulate pollution, with as many as 14 cities among the worst 30, Bloomberg reported.

Flame/Knect 365


LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) prices have dropped dramatically as market demand has failed to keep up with large scale developments in Australia, Papua New Guinea and a surge of US shale gas. Supplies of LNG are on course to increase by 50 percent between 2014 and 2021 putting further downward pressure on prices which are currently around $3.21 per MMBtu (million British Thermal Units) compared with $16 MMBtu in 10 December 2014.


Pipeline and Gas Journal


Nordstream 2 (NS2) is a new mostly subsea natural gas pipeline of some 759 miles (1,200 km)  in length directly linking the Russian gas pipeline networks via the sea bed of the Baltic Sea, arriving at the German Baltic town of  Greifswald for entry into the German  gas pipeline network.

Forties pipeline system shutdown

As a result of a routine check of the Forties Pipeline System (FPS) in December, a small pipeline leak was detected near Aberdeen, which has had a serious impact on oil prices worldwide. This is because the resultant shutdown of the FPS, since the oil transported plays a major part in the formulation of the Brent Oil market Index.  This incident took place near Netherley, just south of Aberdeen, not only caused local village residents to be relocated emergency accommodation, but had a wider impact on the global energy sector.

Quatre Ltd

Completed a corporate social responsibility (CSR) briefing note on how Quatre Ltd applies is CSR strategies to how it works, designs and delivers its products and services, plus meets the needs of its suppliers and customers.

Other corporate work

Provided a range of media presentation consulting and training workshops to business clients in London.


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