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Recent work completed for various clients in December 2019

Here is a list of some of the work completed for a range of clients worldwide, in various formats including advertorials, analysis, blogs, features and reports.

Business consultancy services

Providing a range of business consultancy and strategic advice services to:

  • Samson Dada Public Relations Agency
  • Quatre Ltd
  • Special Projects at Sizwe Sechaba Holdings (PTY) Ltd


Completion of fifth teen 1000 word blogs on a variety of topics listed below related to the oil and gas sector for the Getac website.

  • How internet of things through remote support can help fill the skills gap
  • Automating oil and gas
  • How Do Offshore Communications Work?
  • Ensuring Pipeline Integrity
  • How do pipeline operators inspect and maintain pipelines
  • Pipeline corrosion
  • How the oil industry keeps an eagle eye on its assets.
  • Drillers turn to big data in the hunt for more, cheaper oil
  • The increasing use of offshore robots by big oil
  • Responding to oil and gas accidents and emergencies
  • How AI is changing the use of robots in the energy sector
  • Rise of smart workwear
  • The future of oil and gas: Some industry prediction
  • What Makes a Rugged Computing Device Truly Rugged?
  • The Oil and Gas Business is Catching Up with 3D Printing
Businessman with reminder notes in multitasking concept

Oil and Gas Australasia Magazine


One thing is certain, opportunities exist for increased information sharing and capability building within and between both regulators and operators to further encourage consistent, consensual and cost and time efficient outcomes. This increased interaction and co-operation would be beneficial given the imminent need to manage the large inventory of ageing infrastructure in the region.

This free to download INDONESIA’S DECOMMISSIONING CHALLENGE REPORT, is commissioned by the consulting and advisory arm of London and Aberdeen based Precision Media & Communications.



Decommissioning to cost billions of dollars

Indonesia, like other Southeast Asian states with a history of oil and gas exploration and production, are at the early stages of creating and implementing the relevant legislative and guidance frameworks necessary to implement the eventual decommissioning of petroleum assets.

Many of Indonesia’s oil and gas fields, both on and offshore, are coming to the end of their commercially viable operational lifespan. This report shows that over 60% of Indonesia’s oil and over 30% of gas production comes from late-life-cycle resources spread across the world’s largest island country. Despite investment and use of enhanced oil field recovery measures, and increasing automation to extend the economic lifespan of these assets, decommissioning will soon become necessary.

Pipeline Gas Journal

Energy and pipeline outlook for 2020.

Covering the world except North America


  • Under Construction: 1,511
  • Planned:   850      
  • Total: 2,361

Supplies of North Sea gas to Europe are in terminal decline. This fact, combined with EU enlargement, underpins the current wave of long and short distance pipeline projects, designed to bring gas to Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe.  The soon to-be-completed pipelines crossing the North Sea, the Baltic and the Black Sea, as well as the Adriatic, will diversify Europe’s gas supplies, and bring “stranded” countries into the EU single energy market.


Gulf of Mexico Oil Output Set For Record Year in 2020

Despite massive cuts in investment the US Gulf of Mexico is set for another year of record oil production in 2020, according to Rystad Energy. Most of the supply growth next year will come from deep-water projects, according Rystad. “2020 is expected to be another record year with average production above 1.9 million barrels per day,” says Joachim Milling Gregersen, an analyst on Rystad Energy’s upstream team.

This feature looks at the underlying trends, the drivers behind increasing production, the challenges and prospects for the Gulf of Mexico.

Offshore drilling rig market to continue to improve in 2020, says IHS

The global offshore rig market is set to continue its tentative recovery for the foreseeable future. The global offshore rig market is set to continue its tentative recovery for the foreseeable future, according to IHS Markit. These findings are set out in a recent blog post entitled “2021 offshore rig market: Out of intensive care but in rehab.”

This feature looks at the factors behind the slow recovery, the market developments, challenges and prospects in both the short and longer term.

Sea Breezes


Every year hundreds of ships big and small are decommissioned, scrapped or recycled. In fact ship decommissioning is a big business employing thousands of people worldwide. This industrial process is similar to that of what takes place at a car scrap yard, but on a much bigger scale. In the case of a vessel, it is about the breaking up of a ship at the end of its operational lifespan. At a ship braking yard, a vessel is taken apart; this includes removal of useful machinery such as engines, navigation equipment and cranes. Much of the equipment will be broken down for parts, refurbished and sold on the second hand component market, to be reused on other vessels. The rest will be broken down into its primary materials and recycled into other products, such as the steel plate melted down to make new steel plate and the aluminium to make new cans.

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