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Recent work for clients in October

Here is a list of some of the work I have completed for a few of my clients in a variety of formats in October 2018.


What lessons can the world learn as Norway’s as it moves towards an renewable future energy future?

We know that to keep our climate safe we need to stop burning fossil fuels and move to renewables. But how? Leading scientists and government delegates have been asking that question this week at a gathering in South Korea. Perhaps inspiration can be found in Tromso, in the Norwegian Arctic. Norway sees itself as a leading opponent of climate change. It already generates most of its electricity from hydropower and it’s looking to turn some of its mountains and rivers into a giant green battery, storing power generated by wind turbines and solar cells elsewhere in Europe, then sending electricity back when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind blow. But Norway is still a major oil exporter. While its North Sea fields begin to run dry, Norway is continuing to dole out exploration permits for the Arctic waters.

This feature will ask what lessons can the world learn as Norway’s as it moves towards an renewable future energy future


Working with this new South African company on providing various marketing, public relations and corporate communication services with this start-up investment company.

Investec Financial services company

Progress made by various big economies in meeting climate change targets

Provide a range of opinion writing, research, energy expertise, and consultative services to client examining and comparing the different energy and environmental policies in terms of progress made in climate change targets of advanced economies including China, Europe, US with developing economies of Brazil, India, and South Africa.

Pipeline Gas Journal

Do we need to replace Rough gas storage?

Even today, gas from the North and Irish Sea supplies almost half of the UK’s needs leaving the lion’s share to imports via 4 pipelines from Europe and Norway and some 9 percent to LNG tankers. 80 percent of the UK’s 25 million homes are powered by gas, one quarter of the country’s electricity is generation by gas-fired power stations, and a fifth is consumed by industry. Gas is a key element of the UK’s energy mix. In 2017, the UK consumed 74.3 billion cubic metres (bcm) and its gas storage capacity of four bcm was just enough to deliver over a quarter of natural gas demand on a cold winter’s day. The closure of Centrica’s Rough Long-Term Storage facility last year reduced gas storage capacity to 1.3 bcm equivalent to 1.6 percent of the UK’s annual gas demand. The UK has only 14 days gas storage capacity compared to 87 in France, 69 in Germany and 59 in Italy report developers of a new £660 million gas storage site in Lancashire, Hailte Energy Group in October 2018.


China tariffs create headache for next wave of US natural gas export projects

A second wave of U.S. liquefied natural gas projects is awaiting investment decisions that hinge on lining up long-term contracts with gas importers.

China’s threat to slap a 25 percent tariff on U.S. LNG could complicate financing for some of the projects.

Beijing is taking aim at President Trump’s energy dominance agenda to bring his administration back to the negotiating table, one analyst says.

This feature looks at the likely impact on the various stakeholders concerned, including examining the likely impact on US LNG trade ambitions with China and on investment in the second wave of US natural gas projects

Quatre Ltd

Paying for mine reclamation and well decommissioning

Research and write a 2500 word LinkedIn Pulse advertorial feature Quatre Ltd. It is about the problems that face the global extractive industrywhen it comes to the prospect of planning for eventual well and mine closures.Also examines the current regulatory and fiscal environment problems for thefunding and such closures. Then looks at why the Quatre Ltd fiscal products andservices are the best solution of dealing with the industries funding issues.

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