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Recent work in April

Recent examples of my journalism, editorial, copywriting and corporate work for various clients in April

Altresco Group

Aided in the copy editing of corporate brochure Next step for renewable energy

Cavendish Group

Power Generation and Technology

Planned, organised and delivered editorial content for spring edition of magazine

  • ABB selected for a €270 million order for UK-France power link
  • Siemens partners with Iraq Ministry of Electricity to modernize four power plants
  • Fast-track delivery of Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation plant to Dominican Republic
  • GE Power chosen to lead EPC contract for Ostroleka C, 1,000 MW Power Plant
  • Highview Power and SNC-Lavalin collaborate to deploy liquid air energy storage
  • Centrica acquires Europe’s leading demand response aggregator
  • How energy start-ups are exploiting blockchain
  • A look at combined heat and power feature
  • The future is bright
  • A look at automation and control solutions in Southeast Asia
  • Energy storage
  • Events list


Powering the Internet of Things

The ‘internet of things’ has given us a `smart’ environment, in which many day-to-day functions, such as heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems, are monitored and automated. There are also battery-powered ‘connected’ sensors, to detect smoke or fire, changes in weather conditions and river levels, and they are even found in remote places such as Antarctica and the moon.

Why energy efficiency is the surest route to halting global warming

Power generation is the biggest source of greenhouse gases in the US, accounting for 28 percent of total CO2 emissions. To reduce the use of fossil fuels, in favour of renewables, has therefore gained worldwide acceptance and attention

Flame Blog


The introduction of strict new European Union emission legislation is encouraging small Mediterranean island communities to invest in new power plants to accommodate liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other alternative fuels .This feature examines plans by five islands with markedly   small populations to switch to LNG for gas-to-power projects, ship bunkering and other uses.

Petroleum Review

Transneft just keeps on growing

Transneft is the world’s leading operator of around 70,000 kilometres of oil pipeline in a network linking oil fields and refineries across the European continent, as well as to markets in Central Asia and China.

Pipeline Gas Journal

Gas is Iran’s future

Iran is home to 33.5 trillion cubic metres of natural gas, equivalent to 18 percent of the world’s total gas reserves and has the fourth largest oil reserves, estimated at 158.4 billion barrels.

Russia’s gas pipeline network

Gazprom owns and operates the Unified Gas System of Russia (UGS),which at 171,400 kilometres is the world’s longest domestic gas trunk transmission system which not only serves Gazprom fields but also independents including  Rosneft, Novatek, Urals Energy Public Company ltd and Imperial Energy Corporation PLC.

Railway Journal


Railways are complicated businesses, representing not only a vital transport resource, taking people and freight from A to B, but often collaborating with other forms of transport to complete a consignment or passenger’s journey.  This is where blockchain proves invaluable.  Trials

Renewable Energy World

The logistics of delivering wind turbines

As more and more countries have embraced green energy, onshore and offshore wind installations are now to be found all around the world. However, delivering these turbine components to often remote and inhospitable locations, such as in high mountain passes in the Rockies or offshore in the North Sea, is always testing and now ever more so,  since turbines are increasing in size and weight.

Tomorrow People

Completion of various blogs for Tomorrow People client Centrica

  1. How to fund your energy strategy with DSR
  2. Unlock energy insights with Demand Side Response (DSR)
  3. Support energy sustainability with Demand Side Response (DSR)
  4. Why DSR should be part of your energy investment roadmap

Quatre Ltd

Participated in editorial completion and delivery of corporate power point, Sustainable Financial Solutions for Decommissioning.

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