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Recent work in August

Offshore supply vessel docked in Malta

Some details of the research work, reporting and journalism conducted on behalf of various corporate clients and publications during August 2018.

Cavendish Group

Creation of all the content required for the third issue of Marine Engineering and Offshore Technology


FUELSAVE introduces fuel consumption and emissions abatement game-changer

German marine technology start-up FUELSAVE GmbH, has created a new solution for fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, capable of enhancing the fuel consumption efficiency of all marine diesel engines. This technology has been tested in both laboratory conditions and field conditions. It claims that he can make overall fuel costs savings of 10%. Page 4

Maersk Tankers partners with Klaveness for digital solutions

Klaveness Digital a leading digital logistics solutions start-up based in Norway has signed a deal with Danish product oil tanker operator, Maersk tankers t to enable the development of new maritime digital solutions. Page 6

National Workboat Association Launches Campaign to Tackle Offshore Fatigue

In August 2018, Britain’s National Workboat Association launched an ‘Understanding Fatigue’ campaign to fight crewmember fatigue on offshore energy support vessels (OESVs). Page 8


In august 2018, Dutch ship owner Jumbo announced the order of a new DP2 Heavy Lift Crane Vessel (HLCV, set for to be delivery in the first quarter of 2020. Once completed it will be the largest vessel in the world to incorporate the Ulstein X-BOW hull design. Page 9

Davie delivers first LNG fuelled ferry built in North America

In August 2018, Canada’s new LNG fuelled river ferry the 92 m MV Armand-Imbeau II., was delivered to the country’s Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) by Davie Shipbuilding, Lévis, Québec. It is the first LNG fuelled ferry to be built in North America. Page 10

HullWiper launches on-board hull cleaning solution

HullWiper Ltd’s eco-friendly hull cleaning technology is now available as a flexible, affordable, and safe on-board solution that allows all types of vessels to clean their hull fouling on demand. The on-board version of the diver- and brush-free Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) gives vessels on a tight schedule the tools to perform a partial or full hull clean on a planned rotation, as and when needed. Page 11


Digitalization is re-inventing shipping

Until recently, many of the world’s engineers and technologists ignored shipping as an opportunity for innovation. However, we are seeing a growing interest by such innovators working with the maritime sector in developing new technologies that will boost productivity and change the shipping market. Page 12

Marine insurance types

Marine insurance is a specialised sector of the global insurance business involved in covering potential risks to ships and their cargoes. It is a complex business, with a wide range of specialised marine insurance products produced by brokers at such insurance exchanges as Lloyds of London. Page 15

How maritime cybercrime takes place

Internet security experts have been warning the global shipping industry that this sector is not properly prepared for the hacking threats from criminal gangs and terrorists. Page 18

Why an MBA in shipping?

Increasingly, there is a growing interest by employers in having staff that have completed a Master’s in Business Administration training courses related to various aspects of shipping, management, and logistics. Page 21

The fight against corrosion

Jack-up rig under repair in Malta Grand Harbour
Jackup rig under repair in Malta

The fight against corrosion is a constant battle for both ship-owners and technologists. The trouble is it is not always obvious that one is winning the battle in the fight against corrosion. Page 24

A look at AI Ships

For ship operators and manufacturers, the prospect of AI and autonomous ships is an undiscovered prospect. In one sense, the application of such technologies is way behind developments as they apply to self-driving cars, buses, trucks and trains. Page  28

Jackson Global

Various web content creation and editing tasks for recruitment website.

Pipeline and Gas Journal

Energy outlook in North East USA

Energy plays an important part in the economies that make up this mega region of 55 million made up of two sub regions, the New England and the Mid Atlantic. Although, this mega region is mostly rural, it contains important cities as Boston in the North, New York in the centre and Washington in the South. Its economy is dominated by finance, education, healthcare and manufacturing, contributing about 4 percent to the US economy.

wind power decommissioning report
wind power report


TransCanada is major North American energy transportation and generation Company, with its headquarters in Calgary Alberta, but with its American subsidiary based in Houston Texas, and its Mexican operations based in Santiago de Querétaro. It is the continent’s fourth largest pipeline operator, after Kinder Morgan, Energy Transfer and DCP Midstream. It was originally founded in 1951 under special act of the Canadian Parliament to create an agency able to develop the TransCanada pipeline (which is now known as the Canadian mainline, designed to transport gas from Alberta to Quebec, which was completed in 1958. At the time of its completion it was the world’s longest gas pipeline and today remains the country’s longest such pipeline.

Quatre Ltd

European Wind Power Report

This report provides a holistic over view and analyse about the European wind power sector, both onshore and offshore, including such issues as investment, technology, ownership and decommissioning.

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