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Recent work in May

Recent examples of my journalism, editorial, copywriting and corporate work for various clients in May.

Petroleum Review

The trials and tribulations of managing Russian oil pipeline network

A look at the work of Russian oil pipeline company Transneft

Railway Journal

The impact of blockchain on the rail sector

A look about how block chain is bringing new opportunities and benefits for freight and logistics companies like Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., BNSF Railway, Russian Railways and Thai Railways


Powering the internet of things

This article takes a look at the challenges of powering the billions of new internet of things connected devices, often located in remote or difficult to access and in off grid locations.

Why energy efficiency is the surest route to halting global warming

This feature looks at the challenges, benefits, and technologies of improving energy efficiency the world is implementing.

How Russia plans to keep the power on during the World Cup 2018

For the organizers ensuring there is enough power at the right place and time is a big challenge, whilst for the fans it is ensuring there are at the right stadium and right time is a big challenge. This feature looks at the efforts the organizers are making to ensure is delivered to keep the fans happy.

Oil majors see their chance in the staid world of utilities

This feature will look at the plans, opportunities, and challenges the oil major’s face in the shift to the electric age as they face a low carbon future.

How renewables has changed

This feature will look at the trials and tribulations that research scientists and inventors faced in translating renewables technology concepts into the commercial achievements we see today.

Preparing Qatar for the World Cup in 2022

This feature looks at the issues, challenges, technologies and solutions that Qatar and its partners are coming up with to ensure that there is sufficient power, to make sure everyone has a great and memorable time at the 2022 World Cup.

Cavendish Group

Marine Engineering and offshore Technology

Provision of generation of content and editorial services in delivery of magazine



  1. Maritime industry is easy meat for hackers
  2. Marine insurers investigate blockchain
  3. New training simulator opens at Tilbury
  4. CMA CGM announces Ze Box incubator
  5. 3D printing moves a step closer for shipbuilding
  6. Greece to offer shore-side electrical power to shipping


  1. Shipping regulations targets feature
  2. The dawn of remotely controlled ships
  3. Some Marine Safety Tips for bulk carriers
  4. Maritime innovation in search of dragons
  5. Keeping Marine Vessels Clean
  6. The logistics of delivering wind turbines feature


Pipeline Gas Journal

A look at Gazprom’ gas pipeline operations in Russia and beyond.

Flame Conference

Attending and reporting and blogging on the Flame gas conference in Amsterdam.

Day One of the Flame Conference: Region-by-Region

Day one of the Flame conference, on the 15th May 2018, covered a range of topics, including everything from gas production and transport, to delivery of gas and technological improvements, with insights into how gas is traded and paid for. Here is a snapshot of a few of the topics covered.

Day Two of the Flame Conference: Leading Insights

Today’s sessions discussed the impact of technological, market, environmental and regulatory changes on the industry. Radical thinker Professor Dieter Helm gave his latest observations on the gas sector. David Wells, President of Shell Energy Europe, presented his view on how Shell sees its future in gas, whilst gas as transport fuel and the regional issues facing the industry in South East Europe were covered by a range of interesting speakers including Carol Bailey (Director at European Rim Policy & Investment Council) and Costis Stambolis (Executive Director at Institute for Energy for South East Europe). Here is a snapshot of some of the topics discussed.

Engineering and technology

A look at some of the technological challenges in the delivery of wind power components to site

This article would cover the massive technical and logistical challenges involved in the delivery of such often complex and large-scale technology to frequently difficult to access locations both on and offshore. It would examine some the new logistics onshore and offshore delivery and construction capacity and technology solutions being developed by rail, barge, lorry and shipping companies such as DB, BNSF, and Maersk etc., to ensure safe delivery.

Quatre Ltd

Delivery of public relations, corporate communications and strategy services on behalf of Quatre Ltd.

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