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Recent work in June

Here are a few examples describing or introducing some of my recent energy journalism, copywriting and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of June.

solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on roof

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Biomass Market Prospects

A look at the investment prospects of investing in biomass heat and power generation.

Solar Market Prospects

A look at the investment prospects of investing in solar heat and power generation.

Oil & Gas Market Prospects

A look at the investment prospects of investing in oil and gas heat and power generation.

Wind Market Prospects.

A look at the investment prospects of investing in wind heat and power generation.

Documented Energy

Offshore digital oilfields

Examining the progress that the oil and gas industry is making in introducing Internet of Things technology.


How a conservative Wyoming billionaire eyes renewables profits in California

Examines how fossil fuel billionaire Anschutz Chokecherry plans to supply the Californian power market, from his planned 3,000 MW wind farm, which will be America’s largest such project.

old vintage steam engine arriving at the train depot


How Africa’s trains could be powered in the future.

Decommissioning of Oil and Gas Facilities Rising Sharply

Investigates the growing importance of decommissioning offshore oil and gas facilities.

The Art of Oil

Investigates the usage of mineral and bio-oils in the development of oils and inks for use in painting, writing and drawing.

Hybrid power plants

Today hybrid cars are commonplace, less known are hybrid power plants, these are power plants or schemes where several different power generation technologies are integrated into one project.


Jet Engine Innovation Report

Writing up a report on the introduction of new jet engines

Petroleum Review


How French energy firm Total led the development of an offshore gas field in the North Atlantic.

Pipeline and Gas Journal

recording with infrared thermal camera heat and radiation of notebook and smartphones in the office

Virtual pipelines

A look at the virtual pipeline market in new England and Eastern Canada.

Thermal Cameras and Sensors

How pipeline operators are using thermal cameras and sensors.

Turtle and Hughes

Energy management and onsite generation is about the bottom line

How businesses are managing their energy consumption and generation.


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