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Recent Work In November

Here are a few examples of my recent energy journalism, copywriting and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of November 2016.


African Review

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Power sector issues

How many gas powered power stations does Africa need?

Across Africa, there are ongoing plans to develop new gas power stations. In South Africa alone there are proposals to build at least four in the coming few years and in Nigeria a similar number. This feature would look at some of the following issues, such as market drivers, supply and regulatory issues etc.


With the recent spate of laws and regulations governing risk mitigation and compliance, not to mention those covering good corporate governance, there has understandably been an increased interest in all three of these topics. Communication, information security, IT governance and business continuity need to be administered by critical business value drivers, which include enterprise risk management, compliance and corporate governance, in order for any organisation to be successful.

Eni day

girl makes ski mountaineering with dog.
Girl ski mountaineering with her dog.

Keeping the cold out!

Keeping warm in winter whilst waiting for a bus or walking in the woods, working on an oil rig or diving in the cold waters of the North Sea can be quite a challenge. Though, the amount of calories you burn in the cold depends on your body type, your diet, the temperature and even the clothes you’re wearing. One study conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health showed that just 15 minutes spent in the cold can be the metabolic equivalent of a full hour of exercise.

The need for money to energy solutions

The world needs money, finding the money to invest in new power stations, oil and gas fields, coal mines, power grid and pipelines all take money. In 2015 alone nearly $2 trillion was invested in energy projects. China alone invested $315 billion and the EU $140 billion. Put another way $313 billion was spent on renewable energy and in oil and gas $583 billion.

Hollywood and the energy business

Movies like Deepwater Horizon and televisions series like Dallas, seem to be always popular with the public. Such productions, tell often fascinating stories about the trials and tribulations of energy business. Certainly, it is not surprising that the energy business attracts the interests of the likes of filmmakers and broadcasters, given the opportunity to tell a great story full of high adventure, conflict and danger.

Virtual pipelines a solution for small scale LNG

Never heard of virtual pipelines, well I better explain they are scheduled shipments of oil and gas transported by either barge or ship. For instance, the Swiss-owned chemicals company INEOS is using a fleet of eight ocean-going multi-gas tankers to each carry 27,500m3 of ethane of US shale gas across the Atlantic from Marcus Hook deep water terminal near Philadelphia to it chemical plants in Scotland and Norway.

A question of reclamation

Traditionally, when a coal mine or power station was closed and an oil field ended its operational lifespan, such installations were abandoned to rust and rot. Even in rich economies until relatively recently, mining and energy companies would just walk away.

Pipeline and Gas Journal


Pipe unloading in Greece September 2016
Pipe unloading in Greece September 2016

In May 2016, construction began a new natural gas pipeline linking Southern Europe with gas fields in Central Asia.  The pipeline known as TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) is a multi-national project, that will once complete will provide the missing link in Europe’s Southern Gas Corridor Project. It links customers in Italy and the Balkans region of Europe with the Azeri gas fields of the Caspian Sea. At its extreme western end on the Turkish-Greek border, there are plans for it to connect with TAP with pipelines crossing Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The initial capacity of the pipeline will be about 10 bcm of gas per year.

Nicnewman Corporate Journalism

Debating issues

Quatre research

Create a database of currently operating Australian mines that meet the following categories, operating, temporally suspend operations, to be sold or closed. Together with collect in-depth info about current licensing and rehabilitation regimes. Also led in evolution of the communication strategy.

Siemens AG

Visit the Berlin Headquarters of Siemens turbine factory in Berlin to participate in briefings on various issues. Amongst the people participating at the event was Sebastian Piegert, Head of Additive Manufacturing for Large Gas Turbines and Tobias Mueller, Manager Component Testing.

Danfoss Group

Met with Mads Warming, Global Segment Director Water & Waste Water at Danfoss Drives in Aarhus Denmark. Also Lars-Schroeder Director Aarhus Water and the Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard.

Altresco Companies

Provided various consultation services connected with the delivery of new energy business models for the African market.

Telegraph Media Group

Telegraph – E.ON Project

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Business energy solutions

Completed various features fo Telegraph Media Group client E.on.

Are businesses getting the best deal for the time they use their energy – smart solutions with E.ON?

Lights off at night – revealing shocking costs for simple inefficiencies

Connected buildings and the efficiencies that could be gained from a building that communicates from the windows to water supply (including CHP)

Can you supplement your sustainable energy supply depending on your needs?

Can you supplement your sustainable energy supply depending on your needs?

Leaking costs: How to spot when your assets need upgrading


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