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Recent work in September


Here are a few examples describing or introducing some of my recent energy journalism, copywriting and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of September.


Big red oil tanker passes through the Suez Canal


Ghana’s green energy projects await sign-off

About 10 percent of electricity production to come from solar, wind and biofuels by 2020, so it is not surprising the country wants to rapidly develop this sector. Renewables were prominent among dozens of contracts granted to project developers in recent years as Ghana scrambled to overcome a chronic electricity shortage. President Nana Akufo-Addo has applied brakes to the procurement spree since taking office in January, alarmed that Ghana risked swinging from under supply to oversupply — and paying too much in the process.


BP in Africa

A look at how BP is restructuring its downstream activities in various parts of Africa. For instance looking at the secrets of its recent success in finding new gas finds in West Africa with Kosmos Energy, and its decision to become a partner with Italian energy company Eni in its development plans for its gas finds in Egypt and Mozambique.


10 ways technology and policies are fighting climate change

Colorful painting of yacht on the Nile

People are starting to heed the warnings of climate scientists by harnessing technology and policies to slow the rate of rising seas and warming temperatures. This feature looks at 10 ways technology is aiding in the fight against climate change. They include: APPs, IOT, Clean Energy, Data Centres, geoengineering, energy market reform, regulations etc., are helping in the fight. This feature looks at the technologies and policies being used, examines the challenges and issues involved in adoption etc.

  • Plus creation of accompanying infographic

How climate change might affect the Nile

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are all having to learn how to share the River Nile’s water. If they fail to work together all their people will suffer. To the untrained eye, the satellite photos of north-west Ethiopia on July 10th may have seemed benign. They showed a relatively small pool of water next to an enormous building site on the Blue Nile, the main tributary of the Nile River. However, the project under construction is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is more than halfway complete.

Future Oil & Gas | Exploring disruption and innovation

Participated as panel leader in various tasks at the Future Oil & Gas 2017 in London at the Strand Palace Hotel London.


Here I met some interesting people including:

  • Cédric Morel, Managing Director, Sensile Technologies SA
  • Dave Fitch, Head of Operations, The Data Lab
  • Julian Pickering, CEO, Geologix Systems Integrations
  • Michael Jones, Sr Director Strategy and M&A, Halliburton Landmark

Pipeline and Gas Journal

National Grid’s Pipeline Innovations

Britain’s National Grid, the operator of the country’s 4,722 miles high-pressure gas pipeline network, is now testing the use of a miniature Gas Robotic Agile Inspection Device. This important innovation is the product of a £6.3 million research project and is designed for inspection of the oldest and “bendy” parts of the network which, until now, could not be reached by “pigs”, (i.e. Pipeline Inspection Gauges) the conventional, remotely controlled device used worldwide to travel along pipelines.

Power Generation Technology

Home wall battery concept

Tesla Powerpack to Enable Large Scale Sustainable Energy to South Australia

Tesla is in the process of building the world’s first grid-scale battery in South Australia. Tesla’s batteries are being linked with a wind farm provided by the French energy company Neoen.  Once operational, this project will prove a major test for both the technology and Elon Musk’s reputation as an innovator.

Landis+Gyr & Tata Power-DDL Partner to Deploy Smart Metering Infrastructure in Delhi

Landis+Gyr, a  leading Swiss-based provider of meter technology, announced in September 2017, that it had won a contract to supply  200,000 single phase and three phase smart metres to Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd (Tata Power-DDL), a  power distribution company  with  1.6 million customers in Delhi, the federal capital of India.

Siemens to develop world’s first phase-shifting transformer with ester insulation fluid

Siemens is developing the world’s first phase shifting transformer with ester insulation liquid. This is the next step by Siemens in its long and proud history of transformer development. Phase shifters are special transformers that enable cost-effective load flow management and grid asset optimisation in complex grids. The growing impact of renewables on the grid is resulting in an increasingly unpredictable supply load. The demand by the market for phase shifters continues to increase, as circuit overloads need to be reduced without compromising grid stability and flexibility.

Sharper Shape and SkySkopes Successfully Execute First Transmission Line Cable Construction Mission using Drones

Transmission line construction is a complex and often-dangerous task. Sock pulling, the dangerous task of flying a strong and lightweight rope and attaching it to the towers is typically performed by helicopters or by workers climbing pylons. In response to a direct approach from a utility, Sharper Shape, a developer of sensors systems and cloud- based applications and SkySkopes, a provider of drone services, have jointly developed the Sharper A6 UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) drone.

German utility gives green light to AirPlus

Netze BW’s, 4.6 million customers in south-west Germany are beneficiaries of the incorporation of ABB’s innovative eco-efficient AirPlus formula in eight of Netze BW 31 switchgear panels. The AirPlus formula is derived from a fluoroketone gas mixture, that has negligible global warming potential (GWP <1) as compared to traditional sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), which is a potent greenhouse gas.

Examples of different types of power generation

GE Power win another South Asian gas power plant contract

GE Power has won an order to supply power plant technology for the upcoming 220 MW duel-fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant to be developed by the Shapoorji Pallonji Group (SP Group) at Bhola in Bangladesh. The Bhola power plant will use GE’s F-class gas turbines as part of engineered equipment package (EEP).

Energy Co-ops

In many countries, state-owned agencies like South Africa’s Eskom or private independent power producers, such as RWE and e.on that tend to dominate power production. However, in some countries, there is an increasing number of community-owned independent power producers, known as energy co-ops. Co-op independent power producers are not a new concept in Europe, in particular, in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden where they are owned by farmers, local residents, or businesses.

Internet of things and power generation

The global power sector is evolving in response to ongoing market reforms, changes in regulations and the arrival of technological advances, such as the internet of things. Todays, power companies are living in a new world one, in which they can no longer depend on growth in demand. As a result, power companies have had to change their business model and it is the internet of things equipped technologies that are helping utilities to adjust to the realities of the marketplace and government regulations. The internet of things is a set of technologies and associated business processes that enable ‘connected ‘ devices’  to continuously transmit data and information in real-time to utility  operators and managers.

Sustainable: Energy storage could bolster electric grid

Generally, when one thinks of energy storage, one usually thinks of batteries, in fact, there are many technologies available on the market including pumped storage hydro, thermochemical storage, and batteries. Energy and heat are two main forms of energy that can be stored. Whatever the energy, energy is stored for a variety of reasons including to surplus power, for later use, or for trading purposes.


Today we are seeing wind farms everywhere, in fact, not only are wind turbines getting better but also towers they on taller and the blades longer. In the UK, for instance, wind power capacity as doubled since Dong energy completed the first phase of its Burbo Bank project in the Irish Sea in 2007. The Burbo Bank project costs UK bill payers £150 per megawatt hour.

The Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada

Quatre Ltd

Provided communication and lobbying services in the development of numerous marketing and communication services for various Quatre projects at home and abroad, that are  destined for business clients and government agencies.

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