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Reviving interest in small reactors

Nicholas Newman African Review March 2016
Koeberg nuclear power plant, South Africa

One suggestion, being keenly promoted by reactor manufacturers, desperate for new markets is nuclear power, including small to  medium sized reactors (SMR) also known as small modular reactors. SMRs range in generating capacity from under 300 MW (about the total generating capacity of Namibia) to 700 MW (equivalent to Ghana). According to the World Nuclear Association, African states, actively considering nuclear power programs include Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Namibia, Sudan, Uganda and Namibia, while countries already developing proposals include South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, reports AFKInsider October 2014.

At present, the only sub-Saharan Africa, which has nuclear power is South Africa. South Africa’s two operating nuclear power reactors at Koeberg which currently generates 1940 MW, around 5% of its electricity. In fact, South African Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson told a press conference at the World Economic Forum at Davos that the South African delegation had been inundated with requests for meetings from potential energy investors on the matter reports Engineering News January 2016.

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