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Rising of smart workwear

426589_1workwearNicholas Newman, Eniday, February 2016.

Today the workwear and the equipment worn by energy workers are likely to be highly fashionable, protective and productive. Not surprising given the tough conditions and challenges that workers endure operating in the cold North Sea, fracking in the heat of a Texan summer or repairing power cables high above the ground.

Part of the reason for the introduction of protective workwear and the wearing of smart gadgets such as the Fitbit etc., is the introduction in 1970s Europe, of health and safety regulations. In the US, as a result of similar regulations, for instance, it has required all technicians and service industry employees working in the vicinity of a rig to wear flame-resistant clothing, steel toe boots, hard hats, personal gas monitor and safety glasses.

Today, the apparel of workers will relate not only to their particular activity but also the workplace environment. We are also seeing the introduction of smart clothing, enabling the monitoring of the condition of staff. Fitting-out employees with the correct protective equipment to safeguard them from danger and the elements is now regarded as a worthwhile cost since it is also good for staff morale. Increasingly we are seeing the fitting out of staff with smart gadgets such as watches, phones and tablets that are being used by companies to monitor the health and condition of their staff, in part to prevent accidents, but also to reduce corporate insurance costs.

As a result, the arrival of smarter protective equipment and new wearable gadgets is making life safer and more productive for energy workers… – See more at:  https://www.eniday.com/en/human_en/clothing-workwear-equipment/

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