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September Business Writing News

Business writing and development for clients

Here is an update of some of the business writing and work, I have completed for various clients during the month of September. This includes a range of my business research and business writing services for clients. To find out more click here.

Creation of three ghost written articles based on interviews with client’s directors covering its blockchain technology, applications, market opportunities, and the work of its venture capital fund.

1.      How the developer landscape currently looks in relation to blockchain, and why creating the right talent and having bounty programmes are so important to its future success in enterprises and amongst consumers.

2.      The role of blockchain in addressing personal data, privacy and security issues

3.      Its Venture Capital’s role in driving the EOSIO ecosystem through participation in the hackathon events, including on-site investment initiatives such as its Hack. Pitch Launch seed funding programme.

Dassault Systemes

This involved conducting research in to potential themes to write about for future ghost written articles covering a range of topics. The themes are:

  • tyre industry
  • Baking and confectionary industry
  • virtual twins
  • elevators industry

Energy Focus

GCC Energy Futures

Like the rest of the world, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are experiencing an energy transition. This region, a leading crude oil and gas producer, is changing how it exploits this resource, for at the same time it is taking an increasing interest in other energy sources. These include investment in wind, solar and nuclear power generation in order to meet rapidly increasing demand from growing populations and economic development.

Pipeline Gas Journal

Do we need to replace Rough gas storage capacity?

Even today, gas from the North and Irish Sea supplies almost half of the UK’s needs leaving the lion’s share to imports via four pipelines from Europe and Norway and LNG tankers. 80 percent of the UK’s 25 million homes are powered by gas, one quarter of the country’s electricity is generation by gas-fired power stations, and a fifth is consumed by industry. Gas is a key element of the UK’s energy mix.

Power Generation and  Technology

Copyright: michaeljung / 123RF Stock Photo
two modern electrical technicians using laptop in substation

ABB wins Philippines geothermal contract

Swedish Swiss multinational engineering firm ABB has just won an order from one of the world’s largest integrated geothermal companies Energy Development Corporation (EDC) to upgrade six of its geothermal units in two power plants in the Philippines. ABB will also deliver a new central control system integration solution for both these plants. Page 6

Brains in Every Burner

The German engineering company Siemens is well known for its gas turbine technology has been researching the use of neural network-based artificial intelligence systems in order to improve gas turbine productivity. The artificial intelligence process it uses continuously learns how to adjust fuel valves, thus resulting in optimised combustion and reductions in wear and tear, plus emissions. Page 7

Chinese investors to build new Bangladesh power plant

One of China’s biggest state owned power sector enterprises China Huadian Corphas signed an agreement to build a 1,320-MW, coal-fired TPP in Bangladesh. The deal is between Bangladesh Power Development Board and China Huadian Hong Kong Company, a subsidiary of the main Chinese firm. Page 8

ABB to supply HVDC converter stations as part of US $330 million consortium project with Cobra, to bring hydropower to consumers in Pakistan

ABB will supply high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter stations in Tajikistan and Pakistan as part of a World Bank-supported $330 million order to be executed as a consortium project with Cobra, which will be responsible for the construction and installation of the associated substations. Page 9

Aggreko announces joint venture with Shanghai Yude in China

Aggreko agrees a joint venture in China with power rental company Shanghai Yude. The new company starts trading immediately as Shanghai Yude Aggreko Energy Equipment Rental Co Ltd. The move is part of Aggreko’s long-term strategy to grow its business in China with an experienced and respected local partner. Page 11

Batteries included: Aggreko launches full service offering for wind industry

Aggreko has combined its mobile, modular power solutions into a one-stop option for the wind industry, which now includes storage solutions. Developers and operators of wind farms around the world can now choose from a complete suite of Aggreko temporary power solutions, including energy storage systems from its micro grid and energy storage division, Younicos. Page 12

Long-duration storage

Today energy storage is becoming just another component used by the power sector in grid planning and energy network management. The growing interest by the industry in energy storage is due to various advances in technological innovations; recognised benefits and the ongoing decline in the cost of the technology, making energy storage is a mainstream technology. Page 13

Global energy investment in 2017

In 2017, for the second year in a row investment in the global power sector exceeded that of investment in the oil and gas industry. This reflects market developments in world economies relying on the growing electrification of the economy, according to the Paris based International energy agency’s latest review of Global energy investment in 2017 on global spending. Page 16

Iceland geothermal adventures in Asia

Investors from both Iceland and China are working together to develop new power and heat generation capacity based on geothermal energy, located at projects in China. China’s interest in cleaner energy has promoted interest by the country in Iceland’s expertise in using geothermal energy. At present some 66% of Iceland’s primary energy needs come from geothermal plants which provide some 9/10 households with heat. Page 19

The world’s top 10 largest utility companies

This feature looks at the world’s top 10 largest utility companies by market value in US Dollars. Many of these companies are not only involved in power generation but also transmission and distribution. An increasing number of companies are phasing out coal power plants and replacing them with either gas power generation or and renewables. Page 23

How will climate change stress the power grid?

According to new research, energy suppliers are underestimating the long-term effects that climate change is likely to have on future power demands. The research was published in the September edition of the academic journal Risk Analysis in September 2018. Page 26

China has plans to link its power grid with Europe

There are proposals being studied by the Chinese power sector to develop a transcontinental power network that word link China with markets in not only in Central Asia but even Europe. Such a project if ever realised could cost between 15 and €28 billion, depending on the number of countries crossed and seas crossed. Page 29


According to a new report Wind Power Decommissioning in Europe, authored by Nicholas Newman as, there is an increasing number of wind farms in Europe are reaching the end of their lifespan. In 2016, Europe had over 4,000 offshore wind turbines operating across 11 countries, making 15.8 GW of installed and grid-connected capacity. Page 32


Industry events, seminars, and conferences Page 36


$ 100 oil by Christmas?

Oil prices have reached $80 a barrel as Hurricane Florence approaches the east coast and could go higher as a million people evacuate the region in their cars and infrastructure is damaged. Whilst this might be an upward blip, it may also reflect low levels of spare capacity and traders betting that the supply of oil may not be sufficient to meet demand in coming months.

Quatre Ltd

Solar PV in Europe Report

Solar PV in Europe Report

This report covers all aspects of the industry in Europe and examines many of the investment and working issues that solar PV is facing today. Amongst the issues covered, including those of investment, technological development, and decommissioning that are facing the industry today, as an increasing number of solar PV installations come to the end of their working lifespan.

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