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Shedding light on South African Renewables

South African wind farm

Nicholas Newman Eniday November 2015

In South African cities, urban dwellers face regular power cuts. This is despite the country being rich in coal resources for its power stations. Demand for electricity exceeds supply and the much delayed mega coal power stations of Medupi and Kusile, when they come online, should cover electricity needs until 2020. Forecasts of South Africa’s rising population, increased living standards and industrialisation, together with the closure of 6 to 10 GW of life- expired coal plants, indicate a power gap of between 10 to 15 GW by 2025 in the country.

One thing, South Africa is not short of is wind and sun and has ambitious plans to construct over 13 GW of renewable power by 2025, with wind located along its Southern Coasts and solar in its Karoo Desert. Therefore, renewables may help to keep the lights on and increase access to electricity in the coming decade. South Africa’s 2010/2011 public-private procurement programme for renewable energy is amongst the fastest- growing energy programmes in the world and represents one of Africa’s largest infrastructure investments which is already providing energy, jobs, technology, foreign direct investment, rural development, community benefits and a working relationship between government and business… – See more at:

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