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Smart Pipeline Technologies Boost Safety, Regulatory Compliance

The application of smart pipeline technologies such as automation are bringing major operational and cost benefits to the oil and gas pipeline sector. These smart technologies are helping to maintain integrity of ageing assets, long-distance pipeline assets, unexpected cyber threats and an ageing workforce. 

For example, smart technologies are being used for a range of duties including distributed acoustic sensing, drone monitoring, advanced sensors for in-inline inspection of oil and gas pipelines are improving operational efficiency.  

It is not surprising that Reportlinker.com finds in its report, “Global Pipeline Monitoring Systems Industry,” that market will reach over $1.7 billion by the year 2025.According to Reportlinker.com; the leading markets for such smart technologies will be North America, followed by Europe, Japan and emerging countries including the Middle East and Africa. 

Among the providers of these technologies include ABB Group; Atmos International Inc.; BAE Systems PLC; ClampOn AS etc. For example, ABB has been involved in several large export pipeline projects and distribution pipeline projects delivering automation, safety, telecoms, security and electrical systems. The most recent large example is the TANAP pipeline connecting Georgia to Greece via Turkey, part of the Southern Gas corridor.

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