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Spain Well-Entrenched as Natural Gas Island

Working on a gas pipeline
Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal November 2018

Spain is Europe’s fifth-biggest consumer of energy and seventh-largest market for natural gas, burning some 984 Bcf in 2015, when gas accounted for 18% of its  energy consumption.

The industrial sector accounted for the lion’s share at 64%, with the remainder shared equally by the domestic-commercial and electricity generation sector. Economic recovery, combined with conversion of  coal and diesel plants to gas, and growth in power generation of 32% in 2017 to maintain power supplies, has increased demand for gas, reported Kallanish Energy in February 2017.

As for the future, demand for gas is  expected to rise between 3-4%, according to Enagás Executive Chairman Antonio Llardén.

Gas Pioneer

As early as 1841, the city of Barcelona was lighting its streets with gas derived from coal. By the end of the century, every city and major town had its own gas-making plant and distribution network. However, it was not until 1969 that the Spanish tanker El Laietà brought the first shipment of LNG to Spain and Barcelona’s newly built regasification plant.

From then on, increasing shipments of LNG began to replace coal gas and were joined in 1993 by the arrival of pipeline natural gas imports from France. In 1972, the government founded Enagás to develop a nationwide gas transmission grid, which today serves every major city and town including the holiday islands of Ibiza and Majorca in the Mediterranean. The government’s shareholding is now just 5% and the company delivers gas to 7.2 million out of 22 million households in competition with Naturgas. Read more

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