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Recent work for clients in June 2016

Nicholas Newman Here are a few examples of my recent energy journalism and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of June 2016. Informa South Africa announces first steps to import LNG A look at the preparations the country is making in importing […]

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New Work For Starr Companies

Just completed two features for new client Starr Companies. These are: Mexico’s pipeline boom – At present, there are some $10 billion in investments being made in 22 natural gas pipeline projects at various stages of development, which should be largely complete by 2025, reports Bloomberg August 2015, due to major reforms […]

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Mekong river dilemma

Nicholas Newman Eniday January 2016 There is a dilemma facing the people along the banks the Mekong River, located in Southeast Asia, to some future looks bleak and to others bright. The Mekong River, that begins in the high Himalayas and empties in the South China Sea, is home to the […]

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Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal June 2015 The Caspian region of Central Asia is one of the world’s most important oil and gas-producing regions. Until recently, Caspian gas traveled thousands of miles via largely Soviet-built pipelines to eastern Russia where a portion of it was re-exported to Europe at two […]

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Where can renewable energy be stored?

  World Economic Forum March 2015. Electricity storage serves multiple purposes in electricity systems. Utilities use it to husband surplus power for later use, rail systems are harvesting and storing electricity from regenerative braking to power trains elsewhere in the system and traders rely on storage for price arbitrage, buying […]