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How gas adapts to markets and technologies

Nicholas Newman Eniday December 2017 Recent gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean, offshore Africa and fracking in the U.S., alongside field extensions and improved recovery techniques, boosted world gas reserves to a staggering 6,879 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) at the start of 2016… Natural gas accounts for roughly 25 percent of global energy […]

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Spain Well-Entrenched as Natural Gas Island

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal November 2018 Spain is Europe’s fifth-biggest consumer of energy and seventh-largest market for natural gas, burning some 984 Bcf in 2015, when gas accounted for 18% of its  energy consumption. The industrial sector accounted for the lion’s share at 64%, with the remainder shared equally […]

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How gas is adapting to markets and technologies

Nicholas Newman Flame September 2017 The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the global gas market, because of the arrival of new supplies, challenges, and technological solutions. For instance, the global gas glut has encouraged new opportunities to occur in the transport, petrochemical and power generation sectors. In addition, […]

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Nicholas Newman AFROIL Week 20 Page 5 2017 A round-up of themes raised at Flame Amsterdam, Europe’s premier gas and LNG conference concerning Africa’s gas prospects. The prevailing view was that changes in the very nature of demand for power would make established business models obsolete.  Widespread adoption of new […]

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