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Major Restructuring of Middle East Gas Exports

In sum, for the region’s gas exporters, on the one hand exports of LNG though costlier to transport, offer greater market flexibility and security than piped supplies. For gas importers, if local political tensions are resolved, piped natural gas is a very price competitive solution but LNG could still have a role in topping up supplies.

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Middle East Leads Global Supply of Conventional Oil

Conventional oil makes up around two-thirds of the world’s recoverable oil resources and accounts for 93 percent of today’s oil mix. More than half of this oil comes from oil fields that are past their peak and declining, revealed by a loss of about 3 million barrels of output last […]

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Will the GCC railway network  be ready for the World Cup?

Nicholas Newman – Technical Review Middle East – Issue Four 2014.  The question being asked by the region’s football fans is – “Will it be possible to take a train from major cities – such as Kuwait City, Riyadh or Abu Dhabi – to see the World Cup in Qatar […]

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Some Thoughts on Middle East Energy Journalism

  By Nicholas Newman Energy Journalist   Some thoughts on what skills and qualities a middle east energy journalist needs to have. 1.What journalists and the public should know about the oil and gas sector? They will have to realise, how important the energy sector is to every aspect of […]