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Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm
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Five trends of African energy

Latest infographic, text researched and created by me,whilst design of graphic by member of Eniday team. Energy, in this period, is facing a crucial transition phase for the near future. The African continent, the cradle of humanity, will not stand still; in order to guarantee the growth of its states, […]

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BP in Africa

Nicholas Newman AFROIL October 2017 To meet increasing global demand for cleaner energy from industry and the power sector, BP is shifting its product portfolio towards gas. By 2025 the company expects 60 percent of its production to be gas compared with 50 percent today.  75 percent of BP’s planned start-ups […]

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Reviving interest in small reactors

Nicholas Newman African Review March 2016 One suggestion, being keenly promoted by reactor manufacturers, desperate for new markets is nuclear power, including small to  medium sized reactors (SMR) also known as small modular reactors. SMRs range in generating capacity from under 300 MW (about the total generating capacity of Namibia) […]

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Nigerian Railway Report completed for African Review

Nicholas Newman Just completed a new Nigerian Railways report  for African Review. This report examines the state of progress being made in Nigeria’s ambitious plans to rehabilitate and expand its rail network. This looks at: the policies and regulators the players investors and financial issues the barriers to investment suppliers […]

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How is the American Shale Revolution affecting Africa?

  Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa April 2015 The boom in America’s shale oil and gas production has caused a serious loss of dollar earnings for those African energy-exporting states which produce high-quality crude, similar in character to that now coming from the new shale oil fields of North Dakota, […]