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How climate change could impact the Nile

At 4,180 miles, the river Nile is the longest river in the world and lies at the heart of the cradle of civilization. Today, it is the main source of water for people of the lower Nile basin countries of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia… A case in point is Egypt, which […]

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Reviving interest in small reactors

Nicholas Newman African Review March 2016 One suggestion, being keenly promoted by reactor manufacturers, desperate for new markets is nuclear power, including small to  medium sized reactors (SMR) also known as small modular reactors. SMRs range in generating capacity from under 300 MW (about the total generating capacity of Namibia) […]

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The prospects for wind power

Nicholas Newman November 2015 African Review Why the wind power industry in Africa is expected to experience a huge boost in installed capacity over the next few years. While wind power on the continent currently makes up only one per cent of total electricity, or 1 GW, there is an additional […]