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TransCanada – A Company Near You

TransCanada is a major North American energy-transportation and energy-generation company. Headquartered in Calgary Alberta, it has an American subsidiary in Houston, Texas, and a subsidiary in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. Figure 1 TransCanada is the continent’s fourth-largest pipeline operator, after Kinder Morgan, Energy Transfer and DCP Midstream. Founded to develop […]

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Watching North America’s Pipeline Renaissance

Nicholas Newman,  UK Contributing Editor Pipeline Gas Journal March 2017 This could be a good year for oil and gas pipeline project approvals in North America. The new administrations in Canada and the United States have given permission to proceed for long-delayed oil and gas pipeline schemes that improve capacity to […]

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Cleaning, Maintaining, Inspecting all Part of a Day’s Work

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal October 2016 Cleaning, maintenance and inspection are crucial to a pipeline’s effectiveness and profitability. There are 3.5 million kilometers of oil and gas pipelines around the world, dating back to the 1870s – the oldest of which is in the United States. Today, the United […]

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Canadian gas exports to US

FATE OF CANADA’S EXPORT PIPELINES DEPENDENT ON LNG PERMITS Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal July 2015 With reserves of 1,093 Tcf, Canada is the world’s fifth-largest producer of dry natural gas, ranking behind the United States, Russia, Iran and Qatar.