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Ten ways to fight climate change

Nicholas Newman Eniday November 2017

Politicians and industry are starting to heed climate scientists’ warnings of global warming by responding with an array of policies and technological products designed to slow the rate of rising seas and contain temperature rises to below 2 degrees. This feature outlines ten common approaches designed to fight climate change…

1. Mobile Apps
Apps like Oroeco or PaperKarma can help monitor and reduce humanity’s impact on the environment. The former monitors a person’s carbon footprint, while the latter helps phone owners to remove themselves from junk mailing lists by simply photographing their mail.

2. Internet of Things
Increasingly, the Internet of Things is connecting home, office and factory appliances, heating and lighting systems to their owner’s phones, enabling significant energy efficiencies and thus cutting carbon emissions. For homes, connected thermostatic controls are readily available from Nest and Hive and which can be remotely controlled by the app on your mobile phone or tablet. These smart technologies can also monitor your actual needs for heating or cooling and lighting.

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