Nicholas is a very capable and diligent business journalist who has an eye for the finer details and a willingness to go out of his way when producing articles. In my experience, he has always demonstrated strong research skills and is a reliable contributor to the business publications on which we have worked together

Ben Watts
Ben Watts Managing Editor at Ovum - London Ovum

Nicholas is a capable and reliable energy journalist and writer. He has a broad and up-to-date understanding of the industry and is able to write fluent, in-depth articles that are suitable for their target readers. He is reliable and good to deal with.

Cleland Thom
Cleland Thom Consultant and trainer in media and internet law, and journalism - Chichester Cleland Thom

Nicholas is an extremely intelligent business journalist who has a great depth of knowledge on many diverse topics and whose counsel is always enlightening and useful. I have known Nicholas for many years and he has been a good friend to both me and my business.

David Blythman
David Blythman Managing Director Scottfraser - Oxford Scottfraser

Nicholas has a highly developed appreciation of the energy sector and has proven to be an excellent go-to authority on many themes, ranging across the breadth of power generation industries. Highly articulate and knowledgeable, I would recommend Nicholas to anyone who needs both a grounding in energy sector fundamentals as well as more intricate issues that arise within the field.

Diarmaid Williams
Diarmaid Williams International Digital Editor at Power Engineering International - London Power Engineering International

I highly recommend Nicholas as one of the leading journalists on energy and resources issues, with a global perspective.

Dr Graeme Bethune
Dr Graeme Bethune CEO EnergyQuest - Adelaide EnergyQuest

Nicholas Newman is making wonderful contributions to Pipeline & Gas Journal as a contributing editor.

Jeff Share
Jeff Share Editor Oildom Publishing Co. - Houston Pipeline and Gas Journal

Nicholas is a fine Journalist and holds value in doing good research, his knowledge is outstanding, a truly interesting and knowledgeable individual, but more than that he is a writer, understands the construction of the article, and ensures it is readable. Because of that, he holds the reader’s attention, and holds their hand and walks them through the article imparting knowledge along the way. Anybody seeking to have an article written in the Energy Industry should seriously consider asking Nicholas to undertake it; I cannot recommend him highly enough.

John Kirby
John Kirby Energy Consultant SPCo\R - Nottingham SPCo\R

Nicholas is a first-rate energy journalist and always looks at key topics from fresh angles. Furthermore, he continually manages to turn out insightful top-notch copy while engaging with everyone he meets in a friendly and professional manner.

Kate Garratt
Kate Garratt Operations and Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Britain's Energy Coast - Whitehaven Britain's Energy Coast

Nicholas has been supporting Lean Progression Ltd at an advisory level with marketing, market branding and networking and how to push the business forward giving extremely logical and well-informed guidance. Nicholas, I have found extremely professional in his outlook, open and very honest in his approach and exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. My sincere thanks go to Nicholas for his ongoing support and I look forward to our relationship continuing long into the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicholas, his services and advice have been invaluable to us as a business. If anyone would like any further information on the support Nicholas has given to Lean Progression Ltd please do not hesitate to contact me. [email protected]

Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts Director Lean Progression Ltd Oxford Lean Progression Ltd

Nick's insights are a valuable resource for any business with any exposure to energy cost factors. I highly recommend benefitting from Nick's publications, as an excellent and reliable source of high quality energy industry intelligence. I have always found Nick most helpful with any data or market sector intelligence requirement.

Murray Ambler-Shattock
Murray Ambler-Shattock Commercial Operations Management Kier Group plc Bristol Kier Group plc

I have cooperated with Nicholas on several editorial projects, and have found him an organised and knowledgeable colleague - ideal when the pressure is on and deadlines loom. In addition, I have never failed to be surprised by his range of contacts in business and academia.

Philip Hunt
Philip Hunt Editor, shoeman.eu - Brussels shoeman.eu

Nick is a without question a very due diligent, intelligent Journalist that can make what is deemed a dull storey / interview interesting and profound, he has a great personality and has always been more than helpful to our business and a great person to work with. When you get to know Nick you will see the benefits in working with him, he goes over and above for his clients and give’s advice and his time to improve and better your business using his experience and knowledge. A very interesting man indeed.

Stephen Dunne
Stephen Dunne Managing Director Savvy Group - Oxford Savvy Group

Nicholas has a good geopolitical understanding of the economic trends and realities that underlie current controversies and policies as they affect energy, transport, economic development, and business. He is passionate, professional and expert about his work. Nicholas’s attention to detail, positive attitude and responsive manner make him both a valued colleague and a much-appreciated business journalist.

Tejinder Singh
Tejinder Singh Editor & White House Correspondent for India America Today - Washington DC. India America Today

Nicholas is exceptionally knowledgeable about the energy industry and has first-rate contacts. He has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating.

Tim Probert
Tim Probert Features Editor at reNEWS - Royal Tunbridge Wells reNEWS