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The Energy Trading Gamble!

Nicholas Newman European Energy Review September 2015.


They are integral to the business of buying and selling of energy commodities such as power, gas and oil and their delivery from where they are produced to where they are consumed. How this is accomplished, is completed in a number of different ways (examined in detail below).

However, as in any established market, the procedure conforms to the essential principle of negotiating and settling differences in the price of such commodities between markets. Energy traders act as intermediaries between energy suppliers and potential buyers. “They are very useful at finding the energy supplies in the quantities that customers want,” says Nigel Harris of Energy Consultant, Kingston Energy. Energy traders are also used for hedging energy prices and quantities against seasonal trends and unfavourable developments in the market, such as anticipated disruption of Russian gas supplies to Europe or a hotter than expected summer.

This feature will focus on power and gas trading in Europe.


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