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The path to a diversified energy future

GCC countries in transition

Like the rest of the world, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are experiencing an energy transition. This region, a leading crude oil and gas producer, is changing how it exploits this resource, for at the same time it is taking an increasing interest in other energy sources. These include investment in wind, solar and nuclear power generation in order to meet rapidly increasing demand from growing populations and economic development.

This feature looks at some ongoing developments by the region’s states to apply science and AI to upstream oil activities; to diversify power generation away from oil to nuclear, solar and wind  and to encourage a shift away from petrol combustion engines to electric cars and away from heavy fuel oil and diesel to cleaner liquid natural gas in shipping.

Fossil fuels

In the oil and gas sector, investment in research anddevelopment is geared towards increasing exploration success, plus improvingthe efficiency and effectiveness of upstream operations. 
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