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How tough is off road transport?

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off roading thrill
Nicholas Newman African Review July 2016

Across Africa, we are seeing more and more people seeing off road pickup trucks as the solution to their problems of delivering goods and materials. For Africa, such vehicles have to be tough to meet conditions where there is little-developed road to networks outside cities. Even where there are road networks, often the quality of maintenance is something to be desired. Though the ride of such pick-ups can feel at times bouncy when un-laden, as the bed is supported by very stiff suspension that’s designed to take heavy loads, reports Auto Express April 2015.

Amongst the most popular pickup vehicles on the market today, include the Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Utility, Nissan NP200 and Mazda BT-50. In some African countries, like South Africa, the Toyotas HiLux is the most popular pickup, with the Ford Ranger second reports Statistics from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa in October 2015. Elsewhere on the continent, the Ford Ranger enjoys lead position. One thing is certain; there is plenty of choice when it comes to pickup trucks on the market today.

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