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US military’s cleantech

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 3. July, 2015. Tugboats helping destroyer USS Jason Dunham dock the Helsinki port on a friendly visit

Nicholas Newman Eniday February 2016

With an annual energy bill of $20 billion the US Department of Defence is under pressure to cut its bills and improve energy security. According to Pew’s new report, “Power Surge”, the DOD aims to satisfy 25 percent of its energy consumption from renewable sources in the next ten years, with batteries, solar, wind and biomass set to make an increasing contribution. To meet this target the DOD plans to install 3 GW of renewable energy, an amount, sufficient to power 750,000 homes. Furthermore, the Master Energy Performance Plan, developed by the Pentagon, has made energy efficient energy systems and management a priority. In addition, the US military is using new technologies to cut energy consumption and new fuels to cut its energy bills to power its tanks, planes, ships and bases. If the U.S. military uses more oil than any other institution in the world, it’s also a leader in clean vehicle technology…

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