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Ways to buy your own wind farm or solar park

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An increasing number of farmers, businesses and communities have invested and installed on site generation solar or wind farms. Some have invested in large grid-scale renewable developments. A relatively recent trend combines direct ownership of on site generation with indirect ownership, achieved by share purchases or by investment in dedicated investment trusts and funds…

Direct ownership

Significantly, farmers in the U.K., Australia, America and Europe have invested in on site renewable energy projects to meet their own energy needs as well as to earn extra income from the sale of any surplus power to the grid. In the U.K. for instance, the owner of Gawcott Fields Farm in Buckinghamshire has installed a 9.17 MW Solar PV whilst Hall Farm in South Yorkshire has built a 24.6 MW wind farm comprising 12 x Senvion MM822.

A broad spectrum of businesses have invested in renewable generation to power their head offices, factories and premises. Chief amongst IT companies are Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Intel; global retailers include IKEA, H&M; car manufacturers include BMW, VW, Renault, Toyota and Nissan. Manufacturing companies, such as Mars, Nestle, and Philips are reducing their energy bills with on site generation. Nissan has installed 19,000 photo-voltaic panels to generate 4.75 MW facility alongside its 6.6 MW wind farm made up of ten turbines at its Sunderland car plant in England which together provide 7 percent of the plant’s electricity needs and saves the equivalent of 3,000 metric tons carbon emissions.

For those with shallow pockets, small-scale direct ownership is being helped by the development of a second-hand market in wind turbines by Second Hand Turbines in the U.K. and Dutchwind BV in the Netherlands which, since 2003, has sold and shipped hundreds of used wind turbines to many countries.

Renewable energy stocks

Indirect part-ownership of a renewable project is available to those purchasing shares in utility, oil majors or renewable energy companies. Buying shares in utility companies like Spain’s Iberdrola, France’s EDF and Germany’s E.on gives investors exposure to their renewable projects around the world. Read more


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