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What are the benefits of writing a press release?

Flame Amsterdam May 2017

By Nicholas Newman

Press releases as a publicity tool for businesses have been around for a very long time. This is not surprising, since they are a useful cost-effective tool for attracting the attention of the market news about your business. They can also be used as content on your business website. But, their main purpose is to attract the attention of journalists to news about your business news, so they can create useful content for a potential story to be broadcast,or read on the web or in the print media.

Due to these benefits, it is not surprising that businesses both large and small use press release writing services, as provided by

Here are a few benefits of using press releases as a communication for promoting your business:

1.      They give instant exposure for any enterprise with a limited budget. They are a good way of stimulating interest from targeted media outlets in your business. In addition, they aid enterprises in developing their reputation as a provider of goods and services.

2.      They are a useful communication tool in your marketing plan.

3.      They are a great way to build your business reputation and brand you as an industry expert. Since, being mentioned by the media because of your press releases is a good way to increase the number of visitors to your website.

4.      The results of your press releases published in several media outlets can create useful back links to your business.

5.      A good way to maximise SEO benefits, is to include a few industry relevant and company-specific keywords in your release.

6.      They are a great tool for reaching out to targeted audiences. Being reported in industry or market relevant media outlets is a great way to promote your message to your audience. Also, improve your opportunities for call to action responses from such audiences

7.      It is a great way to make sure media coverage is reported in a range of outlets.

8.      Well written and thought out press releases are great ways for attracting the interest of journalists, who are more likely to share your business use with readers. That is why it is important to keep such press releases relevant and interesting to attract the interest of both readers and the media.

9.      Press releases are a good way to start-up companies to attract the interest of potential investors with the right skills, which can aid in the development of a business.

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