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What if nuclear becomes as cheap as gas power generation by 2050?

Power Station
Power Station

Nicholas Newman H Edition Magazine April 2015

Over the past few decades we have heard the promise that nuclear power will become so cheap, it will be not worth metering. The trouble is, although the operational costs are competitive, the capital costs of nuclear power, remain eye-watering expensive! In addition, despite the promises of nuclear power manufacturers and builders, we still are not managing to deliver projects on time and budget. In part, this is due to ongoing improvements in technologies and nuclear safety. However, it is also due to great public concern about the nuclear technology. Certainly, events at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima have not helped this profoundly safe and environmentally friendly technology. http://issuu.com/heditionmagazine/docs/h_edition_issue_11_page_plan_digi__/13?e=13703612/12339987

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