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What is the work of a copywriter?

By Nicholas Newman copywriter

A copywriter is a professional writer that is paid by businesses and other organisations to research and create appropriate content for meeting a client’s communication needs.

This can be done in a wide range of formats and communication channels including for the print, web and social media.

As a copywriter for various clients, my work often includes:


These informative articles promote specific themes, products, and services on behalf of a client e.g. promoting energy efficiency.


These can be short 200-word comment pieces to articles ranging up to 2000 words. Depending on the client, they can be informal and opinionated, whilst others are expert and formal in their nature.

Case studies.

These often-short articles illustrate how a company-helped one of its customers e.g. installed energy storage and solar power. Such case studies are used to illustrate often a particular set of themes about.


Emails are used by some businesses to attract the interest of customers. They are designed to be short interesting and informative


Often this involves creating feature-length articles ranging from 750 to 2000 words on a specific topic areas, to help educate and inform decision-makers about the goods and services that a client provides.


A ghost-writer is a writer who is hired to create content in a variety of formats, but the work is officially credited to another person. For instance, I have written features about investment in developing new oil and gas fields in Mexico for a major client.

Industry reports and white papers

Clients use such reports to promote products and services in an expert, insightful and informative manner. These can range from 2000 words to 10,000 words. One report I completed recently was about the economic benefits of investment in new gas power plants in Africa.

Press Releases

Businesses and other organisations use press releases, also known as news release, media release, press statement or video release, to provide a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something that is newsworthy. A typical release ranges from 300 to 500 words. Recently I have completed a series of press releases for a new company involved in financial services.

Social media posts.

They can range from delivering relevant text on Twitter to witty and useful content on Facebook or LinkedIn. As certain politicians have learned to their cost recently, writing such messages takes time, consideration, and skill.

Website copy.

This involves creating a whole range of content to meet the client’s needs. It involves a whole range of skills including research project management, editing, and content delivery.

What else does a copywriter do?

Like any other business, we are involved in the usual business tasks including day-to-day admin, management, business promotion, bookkeeping, and communication with our clients. Also ensuring deadlines are delivered on time.

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