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What should Europe do if it is serious about improving its energy security, its competitiveness and cut greenhouse gases?


Nicholas Newman

16571844_mlIt needs to do six things:
1. Provide substantial investment in energy security measures for vulnerable states e.g. Poland.
2. Encourage Investment in new gas supplies at home and abroad including domestic shale gas production and imports of gas from the US, Cyprus and Israel.
3. Develop alternative large-scale electricity generation, so as to be less dependent on imported energy supplies by investment in new nuclear, hydro, tidal, wave and shale gas power generation capacity.
4. Expand further energy storage capacity by ensuring every member state has at least one month’s gas storage, and improve Europe-wide oil, gas, electricity interconnections across the continent.
5. Improve competitiveness in the EU energy markets, and encourage new investment in energy capacity and infrastructure.

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