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Need an energy writer to produce your content?

You have come to the right place.

Few freelance energy writers are as knowledgeable about the energy industry as Nicholas Newman at I bring extensive knowledge, in-depth ability and experience about the energy industry and energy publishing. I can create the persuasive and credible writing that only comes from a deep understanding of the energy industry.

That is why top energy companies, trade organisations, communications firms and publishers hire Nicholas Newman at  to produce their content.

Use my energy writing skill to strengthen your company’s voice

My in-depth understanding of the energy industry enables me to discover trends that can enhance your market place. I produce work, in a style that is clear, concise and readable. I bring a voice of authority and ability to your content, enhancing your organisation’s reputation as a leader and trusted resource.

What can I write for you?

You name it. Energy blogs, features, news and magazine articles, ghost-written articles, advertorials, annual and industry reports, white papers, think pieces, features, feasibility studies, investment analysis,  market research, sales material, surveys, website content etc. My writing is well-known for translating complex topics into readable content.

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