Jan Kiepura opera festival in Krynica, Poland
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Work completed in August 2019

This is a brief list of some of the work completed for various clients in a variety of formats, during the past month. Contact me at info@nicnewmanoxford.com

Engineering Pro

Why Big oil is buying into clean energy

The writing is on the wall for fossil fuels. In response, Europe’s big oil companies including Shell, BP and Total are venturing into the production, distribution and sale of electricity to industrial, residential and transport markets, in direct   competition with traditional multinational utilities such as Enel, Iberola and RWE. This diversification, though small for now, heralds the transition of oil and gas companies into full spectrum energy suppliers .

E car festival Oxford 2019

In the last few years European oil companies notably, Shell, BP, Eni, Equinor  and Total have added  climate – friendly gas to their business portfolio, a natural extension to their core  business of  oil production and refining. Natural gas offered a path to growth with the additional merit of technical and operational synergies. In contrast,  renewable energy and electricity lie  outside the core competencies of big oil and acquisition is  the principal entry route.


Riding on sunbeams

Today, we are seeing the railway industry worldwide adopting solar power to meet its energy needs. For instance, in Australia a pioneering passenger train operates on solar power, in Belgium there is a rail tunnel with a roof of solar panel, powering the high speed trains that link Belgium with Holland. In many country’s we are seeing stations, such as in the Indian city of Guwahati either partially or totally powered by onsite solar power. In the UK, at Aldershot station, a solar farm is being built on derelict land to provide power to the station and the rail network.

Oxford Prospect

Jan Kiepura Festival

In the Polish Carpathian mountain town of Krynica, every year a summer music festival is held in August for one week. This summer festival has been celebrating music in all its forms since 1967. During the Jan Kiepura Festival in this old mountain spa town, events take place in all sorts of locations including open air concert venues and the main pump room.

Jan Kiepura opera festival in Krynica, Poland
Jan Kiepura opera festival in Krynica, Poland

The music performed includes Polish folk music, European operetta and opera, plus modern music. This year the works of Stanisław Janicki, Stanisława Celińska, Georg Philipp Telemann, Strauss, Astor Piazzolla etc, were performed.

The performers include a number of well-known upcoming and international singers, musicians, dancers and other celebrities from across the world such as Polish operatic soprano Teresa Żylis-Gara, actress Stanisława Celińska and tenor Adam Sobierajski.

Read more https://www.oxfordprospect.com/europe/jan-kiepura-festival/

Pipeline and Gas Journal

Pipeline drone update

Pipeline systems are often located underground, run for many kilometres without access roads or traverse often remote and inhospitable terrains such as swamps, rivers, sand, mountains and extreme temperatures of heat and cold are often the environmental features which pipeline constructors have to deal with.

closeup white quadrocopter landing on lawn with green grass, high-tech miracle ready for new flights and high-quality video

Nor is it humanly possible to visually check every surface of a pipeline and installing built-in measuring systems (pressure meters, flow meters and leak detectors) is expensive and not one hundred percent reliable. For many of these conditions, aerial drones, also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have come to the rescue. A report by Goldman Sachs estimates that the use of drones in pipeline inspections is worth $41 million globally, while the market for offshore rigs and refineries is projected to reach $1.1 billion.

The development and availability of sophisticated drones means they come in all different sizes and types including fixed wing, rotary blade and hybrid. Such drones are equipped with a range of equipment including cameras, heat and gas detectors acoustic sensors and ground penetration radar, which has transformed the pipeline inspection business around the world.

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