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Work completed in July 2019

This is a brief list of some of the work completed for various clients in a variety of formats, during the past month. In July I covered a wide range of topics including developments in the oil and gas business, maritime sector including use of hydrojets, global environment, power generation including renewables, the application of industrial internet of things, constuction challenges and bunkering logistics. In addition, I visited and reviewed the current exhibition at Oxford’s Ashmoleum Museum. Plus produced a briefing on Italian utility Enel. Contact me to find out more info@nicnewmanoxford.com

Engineering and Technology

Water Jets

Traditionally water jet propulsion was once limited to high-speed pleasure craft (such as jet skis and jet boats) and other small vessels. But, since 2000, the technology has increasingly been used by high-speed larger vessels, such as military ships and ferries. Such larger craft can make use of diesel engines or gas turbines and can have an operational speed of up to 40 knots depending on the hull configuration. Amongst the leading suppliers of such water jet propulsion systems solutions include Hamilton Jet, Kongsberg Maritime, Rolls Royce, Wärtsilä, etc.

Aarhus, Denmark - July 20, 2017: The high-speed ferry EXPRESS 2 of the shipping company Molslinjen is moored at the pier in the port of Aarhus (Denmark).
Aarhus, Denmark – July 20, 2017: The high-speed ferry EXPRESS 2 of the shipping company Molslinjen is moored at the pier in the port of Aarhus (Denmark).

Leading Businesses on the Cusp of Achieving 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals

Corporations including the likes of technology giants including Google, Apple and Microsoft, as well as manufacturing companies, such as GM and Toyota, as well as big-box retailers, such as IKEA, Target and Walmart, are raising their investments in renewable energy.

Such organisations, together with a growing number of towns, cities and regions are setting 100% renewable or zero-carbon energy goals. In fact, some like Lego and Ball Corporation are already are poised to achieve them by building their own renewable generating capacity or purchasing renewable power from utilities.


Natural gas will play a key role in the energy future of US

Natural gas will continue to play a key role in America’s economic growth and overall energy future in the coming decades as the country makes a transition to a low-carbon economy, a study commissioned by the INGAA Foundation concluded. “As demonstrated by this report, America’s natural gas will serve both domestic and global needs for many years to come,” said Donald F. Santa, president of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and its foundation.

Why our blue planet is getting greener

You can thank India and China for the abundant leafiness. The blue planet is going green—literally. Since the 1980s, satellite images have shown that leafy cover across the globe has grown by 2.3 percent per decade.

A new study, published February 11 in Nature Sustainability, helps explain why. One main driver is the “fertilization effect,” brought about by humans burning fossil fuels. As CO2 increases in the atmosphere, this boosts photosynthesis—as long as water, light, and nutrients are not limited. When plants take up more of the gas, they produce more food and unfurl new leaves.


Port of Gdansk partners with IoT start-up to improve air quality

Poland’s Port of Gdansk, one of the largest seaports in the Baltic Sea, is using IoT tools to tackle emissions. The Port of Gdansk in Poland is working with software start-up Feature Forest to minimise harmful emissions and air pollution. Feature Forest’s fPerception system, based on Libelium technology, enables the immediate detection of hazardous chemical compounds polluting the air. Using an app, customers can monitor the state of air pollution at a given location, in real time. The fPerception app compares the level of pollution with the norms, and generates alerts if they are exceeded.

Japanese ports a potential LNG bunkering hub?

A new report recently concluded that Japan has the potential to become a major international LNG bunkering hub, and a key place for East Asia and North America-bound trade vessels to refuel. Focusing on bunkering facilities in the Tokyo Bay area and the Port of Yokohama, what are the strategic moves that can put Japan ahead of the game in the LNG transition? In light of tightening environmental regulations, LNG has become one of the emerging fuels for maritime and coastal shipping, with savings of NOx, SOx and particulate matter of up to 85%, 95% and 100% respectively, compared to conventional fuels.


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Pompeii exhibition at Oxford’s Ashmoleum Museum

The Pompeii exhibition at Oxford’s Ashmoleum Museum, gives a brief insight into the many treasures uncovered during the various archaeological digs that have taken place in the Pompeii area since the 18th century. As a result, this collection is made up of treasures from a range of European museum collections.

Pipeline Gas Journal

Bike and Snake: Meet the robots that will keep Norway’s gas flowing

A magnetic robot resembling a mini quad bike and a four metre snake-like machine are among the new tools that Norway, Europe’s second-largest gas exporter after Russia, says will help cut maintenance time at its gas plants and keep supplies flowing. Maintenance at Norway’s three main plants, Nyhamna, Kollsnes and Kaarstoe, is conducted annually and the country’s gas output, vital for British and central European customers, is reduced as a result, affecting fuel prices around the continent.

Power Generation Technology

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MAN Energy Solutions commissions LNG fired engine power plant in Gibraltar

Germany’s MAN Energy Solutions has successfully commissioned three 14V51/60 gas and another three dual-fuel engines at a newly constructed power plant in Gibraltar. Each of the engines can generate an output of approximately 14 megawatts. Page 6.

Wärtsilä’s fast track delivery of a 200 MW engine power plant in Cambodia

The Finnish based technology group Wärtsilä will supply a 200 MW flexible baseload power plant to Cambodia that will help meet the country’s rapidly growing energy demand. Page 7.

Siemens and Ethiopia collaborate in power infrastructure challenges.

Siemens has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in April to support the government’s objective of becoming a low middle-income country by 2025. Page 8.

Cubico Sustainable Investments reaches financial close on 100 MW solar project in Orangeburg County, South Carolina

This summer saw Cubico Sustainable Investments, a global investor in renewable energy backed by two of Canada’s largest pension funds, reach financial close for the 100 MW Huntley solar PV project in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, USA. Page 9.

Guangdong’s First Offshore Wind Farm Generates More Than 100 Million kWh of Electricity

Zhuhai – The Guishan offshore wind farm demonstration project located in China’s Guangdong Province recently received some very good news. Page 10

Enel in Russia awarded 71 MW of new wind capacity in renewables tender

Enel S.p.A. (“Enel”), through its subsidiary PJSC Enel Russia was awarded in June a new wind project of over 71 MW in the 2019 Russian government renewable energy tender. Page 11.

Siemens Gamesa awarded the largest repowering order to date in North America by MidAmerican Energy

Siemens Gamesa will supply and install 163 SG 2.7-129 wind turbines, operating at 2.38 MW and 18 previously sold SWT-2.3-108 wind turbines to repower the Rolling Hills wind project (429.3 MW), with an option for 12 additional wind turbines. Page 12.

CSG Completes the First Base Concrete Placement for MVIP’s Construction in the Philippines

Near the southern Philippine town of Cebu City, the  base concrete placement of the Lala Converter Station in the Philippines was recently poured, the Mindanao-Visayas Interconnection Project which will unify all three grids of the Philippines, has entered its main building construction phase. Page 13.

Power station
Power station


Normet SmartDrive drives Explosives Charging to New Era

Normet, the fast-growing and highly innovative technology company from Finland is internationally renowned for its exceptional underground operation concepts. Page 14.

About the Enel Group

Enel SpA (Enel) is an Italian-based multinational energy company, and a global integrated operator providing power and gas services to customers worldwide, with a focus on Europe and Latin America. Page 17.

A look at floating power plants

Floating power plant, also known as power barges, are floating mobile power stations designed to bring power to markets quickly and efficiently. Page 20.

SOUTH AFRICA’S power station headache

South Africa’s struggling state owned power utility Eskom is in the midst of completing two of the world’s largest coal power stations near Johannesburg. Page 23.

Solving the offshore vessels gap 

How do you install an offshore wind installation, almost the size of the Eiffel Tower in the sea? The answer is to hire a ship with a deck space the size of a football field and a crane that can lift the weight of 1,100 Teslas. Page 26.


As with every energy related project, at the end of its operating lifespan it has to be decommissioned. Many of Europe’s oldest wind turbine fleet are more than 30 year’s old, at the end of their planned operating lifespan. Page 29.

Looking at India’s Power Grid

The state-owned Power Grid Corporation of India is the largest Electric Power Transmission Utility serving mainland India. It operates about 90 percent of the country’s mainland interstate and interregional power networks. Page 32.


Drilling crewmen remove pipes from the drillstring on a rig drilling near Greymouth, New Zealand.

Aramco awards $18 billion in deals for work at oil fields

Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest crude exporter, awarded $18 billion in contracts to boost output capacity at two offshore oil fields even as the kingdom and its OPEC partners restrict production.

Saudi Arabia’s state oil company will add a combined 550,000 barrels a day of crude-production capacity at its Marjan and Berri fields, it said Tuesday in a statement. It will raise capacity for natural gas output at the deposits by 2.5 billion standard cubic feet a day. Aramco awarded 34 contracts, with half of them going to Saudi firms, according to the statement.

The shale boom in the Permian is slowing

The promise of the Permian is shrinking. Producers in various North American oil-rich shale basins are dialling back growth plans in the face of a growing number of complex problems that’s killing returns, and keeping sceptical investors away. The constraints are many: pipeline limits, reduced flow from wells drilled too close together, low natural gas prices and high land costs. But the most consequential is that shale-well production falls off at such a high rate — as much as 70% in the first year — that you need to keep spending cash on new wells just to maintain output.

OPEC sees new oil surplus in 2020 as U.S. shale keeps surging

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which pumps 40% of the world’s oil, estimated that it’s producing about 560,000 barrels a day more than will be needed next year as the ongoing surge in U.S. shale threatens to deliver another surplus. Supplies from the cartel’s rivals will grow by more than twice as much as global oil demand, it forecast.

Saudi Arabia and its partners agreed in Vienna last week to continue the production cutbacks they’ve made into the first quarter of 2020, to balance markets against a faltering global economy and record American output. Crude prices, trading near $67 a barrel in London, remain below the levels most OPEC nations need to cover government spending.

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