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Work completed in June 2019

Work completed in June 2019

Here is a list of some of the work in various formats including blogs, editorials, comment, columns and features completed for various clients in the month of June.

Energy Focus

UK energy sector companies exporting

This article takes a look at the preparations UK companies need to make to export energy – related goods and services.  For instance, the global renewable energy market is now worth over $300 billion a year, a greater share of which could boost British industry, employment and investment.

This feature provides examples of these companies export activities and briefs the reader on key essentials that every company needs to know to get started in exporting energy related goods and services. It will also examine some of key issues faced by new exporters providing solutions and a guide to how to avoid them. For example,  the need to : do research; plan, select a market entry strategy;  setting up a business; admin and legal considerations; Incoterms; intellectual property; customs; tariffs, duties, taxes; getting paid; logistics; why do some businesses get it wrong?


Natural gas will play a key role in the energy future of US

Natural gas will continue to play a key role in America’s economic growth and overall energy future in the coming decades as the country makes a transition to a low-carbon economy, a study commissioned by the INGAA Foundation concluded. “As demonstrated by this report, America’s natural gas will serve both domestic and global needs for many years to come,” said Donald F. Santa, president of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and its foundation.

This feature looks at the market drivers, prospects, trends and challenges that natural gas will face in the coming years in the US.



Shopping for energy
Shopping for energy

An increasing number of retailers are becoming proactive in their usage of energy, including making use of on-site power generation and being more strategic in their consumption of energy. As a result for retailers, energy is not only a business need but also a proactive business tool for attracting custom.

This feature looks at two key energy challenges facing those tasked with managing retail centres – pressure to adopt renewables and pressure to adapt to changing consumer usage patterns.

First Technology Group

Providing editorial, content support and strategy for this South African based provider of value added Information Technology company supplying and implementing hardware and software that are complimented by the provision of associated support services and solutions.

Marine Engineering and Offshore Technology Magazine

Providing all the content, editorial and images for this publication about anything to do with the marine environment.


New passenger port terminal opened in Zadar

President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, opened the new passenger terminal at the New Port of Zadar in Gaženica on Tuesday, 24th April 2019, marking a new important step forward for Croatian tourism, which is significant not only for Zadar as a modern port city and an important junction, but also for the whole country. P4.


Naval Dome has adapted its award-winning maritime cyber protection technology for compatibility with port-based systems and naval vessels and rebranded its direct-installation security software to differentiate between the different types of application. P6.

AkzoNobel seals two-year Intersleek supply deal with shipping giant Nakilat

AkzoNobel has secured a two-year deal to continue supplying its award-winning Intersleek 1100SR foul release coating to Qatari shipping and maritime giant Nakilat (Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd). P8.

ABB to boost sustainability and efficiency for pioneering superyacht

The 80-meter superyacht, built at the Nobiskrug shipyard in Germany, will feature a wide scope of ABB’s technologies that will enhance its environmental performance and help the vessel comply with the International Maritime Organization’s new “Tier III” regulations. P9.


At Fincantieri’s shipyard “Arsenale Triestino San Marco”, in Trieste, Italy, John Gunner, Vice President of Expansion Projects for Seattle-based Windstar Cruises, pushed the button which activated the torch to make the first cut in the new steel that will become the first of three new ships sections as part of Windstar’s $250 Million Star Plus Initiative. P10.

Leanships project with Wärtsilä & partners achieves 3.5% fuel savings for ships with CPPs

The technology group Wärtsilä, the Dutch based Maritime Research Institute MARIN and Italian ship owner Grimaldi, have together successfully designed an Energy Saving Device, suitable for use by ships with Controllable Pitch Propellers. P11.


A look at the Grimaldi Group

Grimaldi Ship in Malta Harbour
Grimaldi Group ship in Malta Harbour

The Grimaldi Group is one of Italy’s leading maritime and logistics companies based in the historic port of Naples, since 1947.P12.

Dynamic Positioning Systems

Dynamic positioning is a computer-controlled system designed to automatically maintain a ship’s position and heading by making use of its own propellers and thrusters.P15.

Water jets

A pump-jet, also known as a hydro jet, or water jet is a marine propulsion system that produces a jet of water for thrust. 18.


Southampton Port is one of Britain’s major ports serving the English Midlands and South East. In European terms of volume of trade it ranks the 13th busiest container port in Europe. P21.

Maersk Triple E

The Danish shipping giant Maersk has just placed into service the 31st of its Triple E class vessel in January 2019.P24.

Solving the offshore construction vessels gap

How do you install an offshore wind installation, almost the size of the Eiffel Tower in the sea? The answer is to hire a ship with a deck space the size of a football field and a crane that can lift the weight of 1,100 Teslas. P28.

Exhibitions and Events

A look at some of the important maritime events in the coming months. P31.

Pipeline and Gas Journal

Looking at African gas-to-power projects

Lesedi CBM Project 

Despite the many advances in the electrification of Africa, much of the continent has yet to be connected to the grid, or have access to reliable and affordable power supplies. According to World Bank figures, Africa’s electrification rate is just 42 percent.  But this average hides marked regional disparities. For example North Africa provides 99 percent of its population with grid electricity whilst in sub-Sahara the figure is just 31percent. There is also an urban rural disparity.  While 69 percent of urban dwellers have access to electricity,   just 25 percent of rural dwellers are grid connected and this falls to less than 10 percent in sub-Sahara.


Public Cost of Decommissioning North Sea Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the rise

Oil rig in Malta Port
Oil rig in port

On a worldwide basis, the industry decommissions an average of 120 offshore rigs a year. The prospective decommissioning of over 2,000 aging offshore oil and gas platforms, subsea wells and related assets is an upcoming challenge for companies as well as government treasuries.

This feature looks at the debate regarding whether the industry should remove major installations or leave rigs in place and turn them into reefs, and the financial challenges of decommissioning. “At present, there are two main options being discussed—removal and leave in place,” says Paul Jardine CEO of Quatre, a provider of exit strategy management solutions (ESMS) for clients with environmental liabilities in the energy industry.

Has the oil glut disappeared?

It is forecast that global oil demand may be a bit lower this year than previously thought, weighed down by weaker consumption rates in emerging markets. The IEA has lowered its demand growth projection for 2019 by 90,000 barrels per day to 1.3 million barrels per day (mb/d). It also revised down its 2018 demand figure by 70,000 bpd to 1.2 mb/d.

This feature looks at the factors affecting the market in terms of both demand and supply in this confusing market

US oil: Occidental’s $56bn gamble on finding value in shale

When Vicki Hollub stood up to speak at Occidental Petroleum’s annual meeting last Friday, she knew she was facing a sceptical audience. After three years as chief executive, she had just agreed the most ambitious move of her career, the $56bn acquisition of rival Anadarko Petroleum, and many investors feared she was overreaching.

This feature looks at the drivers behind the deal, the players involved, the benefits that Occidental hopes to gain, and the impact on the oil business.

Cost Overruns Threaten Offshore Development

 A rush to accelerate projects, especially those involving tailor-made designs, increases the uncertainty of their final costs, typically 20% above or below the initial estimate, according to Rystad. “For offshore operators, that means the expected variation for projects to be sanctioned during the period from 2019 to 2023 could be as high as $220 billion,” the research firm said.

This feature looks at market developments, prospects and challenges.

The backlash to plastic has oil companies worried

As the world strives to wean itself off fossil fuels, oil companies have been turning to plastic as the key to their future. Now even that’s looking overly optimistic. The global crackdown on plastic trash threatens to take a big chunk out of demand growth just as oil companies like Saudi Aramco sink billions into plastic and chemicals assets. Royal Dutch Shell Plc, BP Plc, Total SA and Exxon Mobil Corp. are all ramping up investments in the sector, such as the new ethane cracker plants being constructed along the Ohio River.

This feature looks at the likely impact plastic bags, recycling and bio  plastics is likely to have on the future of oil and gas demand in the decades to come.

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